Bagua Zhang Resources

Also known as 'Eight Trigram Boxing', Ba Gua Zhang is an internal style of Gong Fu (also, Kung Fu) training that is based upon circle walking and continuous 'palms changes' or techniques. Ba Gua focuses on the development of internal Qi as the primary method of cultivating power and is regarded as one of the highest forms Qi Gong (also, Chi Kung) training for maintaining and improving general health and well being.
The style of Ba Gua taught at our school is Cheng Shi Ba Gua Zhang. This style is derived from the famous practitioner Cheng Ting Hua. Master Liu is currently a student of Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru, a renowned expert of Cheng Shi Ba Gua Zhang from Cheng Ting Hua's lineage.
Ba Gua fighting techniques (palm changes) are based upon circular movements and the cultivation of so-called 'hidden power'. Traditional training involves repeated palm changes embedded within circle walking. Regular practice builds stamina and a strong, flexible body.
Ba Gua philosophy is based upon the I Ching (the Book of Changes). Each sequence of palm changes and qigong exercises in Cheng Shi Ba Gua attempts to reflect the eight essential energies and directions that the I Ching describes as forming our universe.

Ba Gua Zhang Forms and Qi Gong

Basic Eight Methods or Harmony Palms (Ba Mu Zhang)
Eight Big Palms (Ba Da Zhang)
Swimming Dragon Form
Nine Palaces Form
Ten Method Fighting Technique
64 Hands

Ba Gua Zhang Weapon Form Sets

Bagua Jian (Straight sword)

Bagua Dao

Bagua Staff (Gun)
Bagua Deer Horn Knives

Ba Mu Zhang & Ba Da Zhang

The eight 'mother' or foundation palms and the eight big palms. Performed by Master Han Yan Wu in Beijing. Master Han Yan Wu is Cheng Style Ba Gua Zhang Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru's best student and top disciple. Han began his studies with Liu at the age of 13 and has dedicated his entire life to the martial arts. During the 1980's Han won many championships in forms competitions and San Da kickboxing. He now teaches students from around the world as well as the instructors at the National Sports Institute. Han Yan Wu professional martial arts Masters of Baguazhang, XingyiQuan, and Tang lang Quan. Most recently Master Han was the Bagua trainer for actors on the film 'The Grandmaster'. He is a great Master and a very cool character. 

Ba Da Zhang

The eight big palms. Performed by Grandmaster Liu Jing Ru. Liu Jing Ru is the most famous as a master of Cheng style bagua zhang. however, given his dedication to chinese martial arts-he is equally well known as an expert in xing yi quan and six harmony praying mantis, as the celebrated trainer of several bagua zhang wushu competition champions, and as the author of a comprehensive collection of books and vcds on the subject of bagua zhang.

Bagua Swimming Dragon

The swimming dragon form of Cheng bagua performed by Master Han Yan Wu.

Bagua Zhang Applications

Master Han demonstrates some basic baguazhang applications for tui shau (push hands) and self defense. He demonstrates fali (explosive energy) in a way that is not often seen. Master Han is a great teacher and I highly recommend him to any serious student of internal martial arts.

Bagua Zhang 10 Methods

A demonstration of some Cheng Shi Ba Gua Zhang practice drills with demonstration of the applications.

Bagua Deer Horn Knives

Master Han is Dean and head coach of the Beijing Traditional Wushu and Bagua Training Department.
He teaches Liu He Tang Lang (Shan Xiang Ling lineage),Bagua zhang (Cheng style) and XingYi in Beijing.


Bagua Jian - Straight Sword

Performed by Liu Jing Ru's Disciple student.

Bagua 64 Hands

Master Gao Jiwu performing the 64 Hands linear set of Baguazhang, created by Master Liu Dekuan. Master Gao Jiwu was from a family of Bagua experts, Gao Ji Wu's grandfather, Gao Wen Chang was a disciple of Yin Fu and Liu De Kuan. His father, Gao Zi Ying, was also a well known BaGua instructor who had studied under his martial uncle, Guo Gu Min, the renowned Xing Yi expert Li Cun Yi, Yang Chen Fu and Yi Quan creator, Wang Xiang Zhai. Like many at the time, Liu Dekuan was a master of other martial arts such as Liuhequan and Bafanmen prior to studying Baguazhang, he was responsible for introducing/creating many sets including this linear 64 hands (8 sequences of 8 postures each) which was based on Bafanshou, into the Baguazhang curriculum. Liu Dekuan had studied with Cheng Tinghua in Beijing.

Bagua 24 Palms 64 Hands

Grand Master Sun Zhijun instructing his 6th degree disciple in one of the last 'pure' cheng style forms of Bagua Zhang.