Five Elements Kung Fu Academy

Five Elements Kung Fu Academy was established on the Victorian Surf Coast in 2013 by Shifu Adam Martin. It is the product of over 30 years in the martial arts. The Academy has a direct link with Master Liu Deming's Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy and the Liu He Ziranmen Academy in Melbourne.

Since 2005, Shifu Adam Martin has trained directly under legendary Master Liu Deming - 5th Generation Lineage Holder of the Zi Ran Men Tradition. "It is through Master Liu Deming's incredible skill and guidance that I am able to walk this path. I owe my career in the Chinese Martial Arts to him and his teachings. - Shifu Adam Martin".


The Five Elements or 'Wu Xing' refer to the conceptual scheme that many traditional Chinese fields used to explain a wide array of phenomena, from cosmic cycles to the interaction between internal organs. The "Five Elements" are Wood (木 mù), Fire (火 huǒ), Earth (土 tǔ), Metal (金 jīn), and Water (水 shuǐ). This order of presentation is known as the "mutual generation" (xiangsheng 相生) sequence. In the order of "mutual conquest" (xiangsheng 相勝) or "mutual overcoming" (xiangke 相剋),they are Wood, Earth, Water, Fire, and Metal.


T'ai Chi Ch'uan uses the five elements to designate different directions, positions or footwork patterns. Either forward, backward, left, right and centre, or three steps forward (attack) and two steps back. Xing Yi Quan uses the five elements metaphorically to represent five different states of combat.


There are also five disciplines currently taught at the Academy: Zi Ran Men, Bagua Zhang, Liu He Men, Liu He Tang Lang and Ziran Qigong.

Shifu Adam Martin

Adam began his training in combative arts at a young age with his Grandfather - a Naval Commando. At the age of 12 he began formal training in the Japanese martial arts. He later discovered the Chinese martial arts studying Wing Chun Kung Fu in Melbourne and later in the UK. He subsequently began training in Shaolin Kung Fu at the UK Shaolin Temple.


Adam travelled the world for years continually training and learning new skills. His work in the operation of bars and clubs at that time, invariably led him to training with security profesionals and the practice of Close Quarter Combatives, giving him a realistic approach to traditional martial arts practices.


In 2004 Adam returned to Melbourne and began training in Zi Ran Men, Cheng Shi Bagua Zhang, Liu He Men, Liu He Tang Lang, Taiji Quan and Ziran Qigong under Master Liu Deming, 5th Generation Lineage Holder of the Zi Ran Men Tradition.


In 2010, Adam was made a Shifu (Instructor) of the Zi Ran Men Kung Fu Academy in Richmond, holding a 2nd Duan Black Sash Grading. He taught
at the ZRM Academy for over four years before starting his own Academy in Torquay.


Adam has instructed from beginner to elite level, domestically and internationally, including China, Japan, UK, Thailand, North America & Mexico. Adam has taught Ziran Qigong at The Australian Ballet, instructed Stunt Professionals and Actors in choreography and weapons, and active members of Police, Military and Security Services in close quarters combat.


In 2013 Adam was promoted to the position of Training Development Instructor for RAW Combat International. In 2014 Adam was certified as the first Trainer

of Filipino Combatives Global based in Australia.


In 2016 Adam was inducted into the Ziranmen Lineage as a 6th Generation Disciple of Master Liu Deming. During this time he competed at the Xiamen International Martial Arts Competition winning Gold and Silver medals for Bagua Zhang. Every one of his students that competed at the Competition also returned home as medal winners, including silver and bronze. Adam is a direct student of another legendary Bagua, Xing Yi and Tang Lang Master

- Han Yan Wu.


Adam runs classes for Adults and Children in Ziran Qigong, Meditation, Traditional Gong Fu, Functional Fitness, Sparring, Self Protection and Weapons. Adam continues to train and teach directly under Master Liu Deming, catering

to all types of students, with his open and relaxed teaching style.

• Melbourne University Bachelor of Science

• National Coaching & Accreditation

   Scheme L1


• Working with Children Check Card Holder

• Cert IV TAE - Australian Security Academy

• Level 2 First Aid

• Zi Ran Men 6th Generation Disciple.

   Black Sash 2nd Duan - Shifu

   Graded and certified directly by Master Liu

   Deming, 5th Generation Zi Ran Men Lineage


• Gold Medallist - 2016 Xiamen Int Martial Arts  

   Competition - Bagua Zhang


• Silver Medallist - 2016 Xiamen Int Martial Arts  

   Competition - Bagua Jian


• RAW Combat International Head of Training     

   Development - Australia


• Filipino Combatives Global Certified Trainer


• Wushu Tai Chi Practitioners of Australia

   Certified Instructor & Member


Credentials & Experience